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Master Program

The Human Interface Technology Laboratory New Zealand (HIT Lab NZ) is offering a new master degree of Human Interface Technology.

About the HIT Lab NZ

The HIT Lab NZ at the University of Canterbury is developing and commercializing technology that improves human computer interaction and by doing so unlocks the power of human intelligence. The HIT Lab NZ conducts research with new emerging technologies such as Augmented Reality, Next Generation Video Conferencing, Immersive Visualization and Human-Robot Interaction. Interaction Design techniques are used to adapt these technologies to the needs of end users and solve real world problems. The end goal is to improve the user experience with technology. The HIT Lab NZ has been conducting research in Human Interface Technology for many years and is now recognized as a national and international center of excellence in the area. It is currently one of largest and best funded research centers in this area in New Zealand. HITLab NZ has a number of academic partners and industry partners based around the world. There are HITLab facilities based at the University of Washington (Seattle), as well as a HITLab AU based at the University of Tasmania in Australia.

The Masters Program

As New Zealand and international business moves to a more design centred future, there is increasing demand for Human Interface Technology skills. The design industry and the government have acknowledged this demand. The Master of Human Interface Technology (MHIT) program aims to improve interactive technology to meet users’ needs. The program directly engages with industry and offers students a mechanism for direct industry engagement through projects and scholarships. Human Interface Technology is useful in a wide range of areas such as medicine, rehabilitation, education and training, entertainment and business. Study in the field incorporates a diverse range of topic areas including User-Centered Design, the development of new interface devices and technologies (hardware and software), evaluating these technologies within the application context, and studying the broader impact of interface technology on human behaviour and society.


The master’s degree consists of two courses and a thesis to be completed full-time over one year. The courses and the thesis are offered in parallel and students can start in February or July. Graduates will have knowledge of key interface design principles, the ability to describe and evaluate interface hardware and software, and research and development skills. Admission into the master’s program typically requires a Bachelor’s degree with honours, which is equivalent to a four-year undergraduate program. Suitable fields include Computer Science, Design, and Psychology. However students from other related fields in areas such as Business and the Arts may qualify.

The program consists of two intensive 12 week taught courses (HITD602 and HITD603) that teach advanced topics of human interface technology and a thesis (HITD690). Students start considering their thesis topic during the HITD602 and HITD603 courses and dedicate their efforts to it after completing those courses.


The University of Canterbury is offering masters scholarships for domestic students and international students. The University has also a wide range of additional scholarships that you may apply for. In addition, the HIT Lab NZ is also offering scholarships in collaboration with industry.

Qualifications Required to Enrol in the Degree

Detailed instrucation on the regulations concerning the MHIT program are available.


To get admission to the program you should first review the application process. You can start the program in February or July.

Further Information

Please visit our website at to learn more about the program and the research the HIT Lab NZ is conducting. You may also contact our academic director for specific questions: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .


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