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Seminar TODAY: Reciprocity in HRI

Today at 2PM, Eduardo Sandoval will be giving his seminar on Reciprocity in HRI.

Reciprocity has been studied by academics for a long time in fields such as: theology, ethics, anthropology, sociology, psychology and economics, and more recently in interdisciplinary fields like economic psychology, social psychology communication theory and human interface technology design.

New advances in diverse areas of robotics allow a productive interactivity similar to HHI rather than the interaction seen a few years ago between humans and robots. The increased awareness of commercial robots interacting with users in daily life in homes, offices, schools and streets suggests that it is necessary to know in which terms this interactivity will be described and the way that robots should to be designed in order to be most benefit to users.

A set of five stages is proposed in order to design a general model of reciprocity in HRI. In order to fulfill the aim of this research, it is necessary to develop a quantitative model and metrics that describe Reciprocity in HRI utilizing techniques and methods acquired from different research fields.

Similarly, in the study of reciprocity on HRI, it is proposed to use a discipline called game theory. The aim is to explain how people make decisions in different situations where they collaborate and cooperate with another participant to reach a goal, demonstrating reciprocity between them. In the same way, Analysis of Social Networks will be used as a method to model the selected variables in the process of reciprocity in HRI.


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