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OSGART is a library that simplifies the development of Augmented Reality or Mixed Reality applications by combining the well-known ARToolKit tracking library (and other tracking libraries) with OpenSceneGraph.


Rather than acting just as a simple nodekit, the library offers 3 main functionalities: high level integration of video input (video object, shaders), spatial registration (marker-based, multiple trackers), and photometric registration (occlusion, shadow). The modular library is based on a plugins system allowing to easily add your own video or tracker plugin. At this date the library supports a wide range of video plugin (on windows, mac or linux) as a of tracker plugin (ARToolKit, ARToolKit++, in-house NFT tracking library, model-based tracker, etc).

With OSGART, users gain the benefit of all the features of OpenSceneGraph (high quality renderer, multiple file type loaders, community nodekits like osgAL, etc.) directly in their augmented reality (AR), mixed reality (MR) or mediated reality applications.

As with the standard ARToolKit, the user can thus develop and prototype interactive applications that can use tangible interaction (in C++, Python, Lua, Ruby etc.).

OSGART Version 1.1 of the software is available under a Dual Licence Mode (GPL and Commercial) through ARToolWorks.

OSGART Version 2.0 is available under a GPL license on the OSGART official website.


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