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Research Areas

  • Augmented Reality

    Augmented Reality (AR) is a technology that involves the seamless overlay of virtual images on the real world. It has many possible applications in a wide variety of fields including entertainment, education, medicine and manufacturing. The HIT Lab NZ has been involved with AR research for almost 10 years and is one of the largest AR research groups in the world.

    The HIT Lab NZ is currently involved in AR research in markerless tracking systems (OPIRA), AR authoring tools (BuildAR), mobile AR, gesture interaction with AR, and AR applications.

    The HIT Lab NZ is also involved with teaching the COSC 426 course on Augmented Reality - you can find out more information at the course webpage here.

  • Human-Robot Interaction

    Robots are becoming increasingly important members in our society. We are exploring hardware and software solutions for robots that enable them to act socially. This includes models of human behavior, emotions, anthropomorphism and animacy. We are committed to a user-centered approach and all development goes through cycles of specification, development and evaluation. The effects that robot have on their users is of particular interst to us. The laboratory has several robots and we have a dedicated hardware laboratory. We are also collaborating with the the department of mechanical engineering and have access to their elaborate workshop and laboratory space.

    We are continously looking for students that are interested in this topic and would welcome internships, projects and thesis proposals. Students with background in psychology, computer science, electrical engineering, mechanical engineering, robotics and related fields are welcome. Please send a note to

    You may also want to have a look at the International Journal of Social Robotics and the Entertainment Robotics Section of the Entertainment Computing Journal. We are actively involved in these journals and are welcoming contributions.

  • Interaction Design


    The HITLabNZ at the University of Canterbury is working together with several partners to build Interaction Design capability for New Zealand. As part of this project we are collecting resources, organizing workshops and tutorials teaching interaction design skills, and developing educational initiatives.

    This website provides a collection of resources, activities, and materials that can help you to learn about Interaction Design.

  • Science and Technology Studies

    Our interest in science and technology goes beyond its execution. We are actively involved in reflecting on the process and the results of conducting technolgy and science studies. Furthermore, we investigate the collaboration between researchers, organizations and countries.

  • Visualization

    We are exploring advanced technolgies for the visualization and interaction with immersive 3D environment and large data sets.


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