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Human-Robot Interaction


Robots are becoming increasingly important members in our society. We are exploring hardware and software solutions for robots that enable them to act socially. This includes models of human behavior, emotions, anthropomorphism and animacy. We are committed to a user-centered approach and all development goes through cycles of specification, development and evaluation. The effects that robot have on their users is of particular interst to us. The laboratory has several robots and we have a dedicated hardware laboratory. We are also collaborating with the the department of mechanical engineering and have access to their elaborate workshop and laboratory space.

We are continously looking for students that are interested in this topic and would welcome internships, projects and thesis proposals. Students with background in psychology, computer science, electrical engineering, mechanical engineering, robotics and related fields are welcome. Please send a note to

You may also want to have a look at the International Journal of Social Robotics and the Entertainment Robotics Section of the Entertainment Computing Journal. We are actively involved in these journals and are welcoming contributions.





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