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The HITLabNZ at the University of Canterbury is working together with several partners to build Interaction Design capability for New Zealand. As part of this project we are collecting resources, organizing workshops and tutorials teaching interaction design skills, and developing educational initiatives.

This website provides a collection of resources, activities, and materials that can help you to learn about Interaction Design.

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Interaction Design is the design of people’s experience with technology.

Design is increasingly about human interaction with objects, spaces, and people. Interaction Design is about drawing out the expressive potential of new technology, whether in the behaviour of intelligent artefacts, software user interfaces or the virtual world of digital environments.

Interaction Design is very different from traditional design because it is concerned more with the user’s experience with technology, rather than the technology itself. It is based upon an iterative process of discovering user needs, developing product ideas, designing and prototyping, and evaluating.

Good Interaction Design is about creating a human-centred positive experience with technology. This adds significant value to products as the point of differentiation between products is increasingly becoming ease of use and quality of the user experience rather than the product feature set. Good Interaction Design is essential for companies developing interactive technology.





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